the web-server for HIS'3D® - the interface to the world

HIS'3D® is primarily a client-server system with a central database. his3dIserver has been developped to allow for data access and requests to hydrological and profile data out of a web-environment.

This tool delivers based on URL-requests

  • HTML-pages with
    • station information and measurement data
  • pictures as streams
  • evaluations in files
    • e.g. statistics, data export, cubature computations

Using a special interface data files are loaded, too.

Browser Example
his3dIserver Environment

The System

his3dIserver consists of

  • the web-engine, which receives the web-requests and distributes them, and
  • the kernel, which implements all features of the HIS'3D® client and performs computations in the background

his3dIserver accesses the HIS'3D® database directly and indirectly.


At the beginning of a his3dIserver session the user logs in with his personal HIS'3D® account. This internaly returns a session-signature which is used automatically with all following requests.


The basic version offers request features for stations, measurement and station data in text formats and graphically.

Special, user specific requests are installed directly at installation time and can be used then in his3dIserver.


his3dIserver is based on Java-servlets and the line-application on the application server. This kernel is well known from the HIS'3D® client.

The Requests are sent using standard URL parameters per http or https.

Because of its open implementation the his3dIserver can be easily included in other web services.

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